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Mosaic Creations


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Ok close your eyes; imagine that you are in a early Roman villa. On one side you see orchards dotted with lemmons and apples; and on the other side you see orchards of silver tipped olive tree leaves. As you walk you begin to see a wall at the end of the path and as you approach it seems to have some sort of design on the wall. The closer you get you notice that there is alot of diffrent designs on the wall and it seems that the pieces were just laid there not so long ago. But in fact those pieces were placed there thousands of years ago.

Choosing from an infinite spectrum of granites, marbles, and porohyries, you could design any picture, story, or pattern that you wanted and it would never wear or fade. Mosaics were the solution that allowed Romans the artistic liberty they desired. Many tabletops in Pompeii were decorated with a fancinful mosaic of dried dates or wild asparagus in bundles. In many wealthy senatorial families there homes were filled with fine mosaics along vaulted ceilings, along the walls Nereids sailed in oyster shell chariots led by Tritions; mermen leapt fraily from the frothy deep. And, for multiple reasons, mosaics underwent a radical transition.

Mosaics are now to be comprised of larger pieces of marble. The new style consisted of swirling red porohyry circles radiating from yellow roses of 'giallo antico' which were placed in green serpentine fields. As you are thinking of the sumptuous colors and dizzying motifs it is to remind you of paradise, flowers that never wilt, and eternal spring.

Though I cant recreate the old mosaics we are now in a world of change and I do a new type of mosaics. A type that will not only catch the eye but also have meaning and purpose in your everyday life I hope that you enjoy art of today as well as the art of yesterday.

I hope this helped you out a little to understand what mosaics were when they started and what they are today.